Textbase for the Study of History of Danish and Style

This textbase is aimed at researchers and students interested in studies of old Danish language and style.

The texts call for studies of religious style, development of Danish prose, forensic style, instructional texts like recipe books, and manuals of medicine.

The textbase has been built up over the period from February 1997 to February 2001 and was funded by a project grant from the Danish Research Council for the Humanities.

The texts have been marked up according to the XML standard. For the best viewing experience, the texts should be opened in the Opera browser, which can be downloaded for free on Opera’s website.

This page gives access to literary texts from the period 1500-1700. Texts from before 1500 can be found on Studér Middelalder på Nettet (Study the Mediaeval age on the Internet) and texts subsequent to 1700 can be found on Arkiv for Dansk Litteratur (Archives of Danish Literature).